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Not Less than 73 Proverbs was used in ISSAKABA movie. Scriptwriters are unsung heros of Movie productions. They are as follows:

A river does not follow through Forest without bringing down trees.

Anyone who abhors injustice can fight it

Nobody persecutes a man who makes an honest living

Immortality is not for Children.

Weeping may endure the night but Joy comes in the Morning

Those who walk in the path of darkness will end up in the Dark

Some Cockroaches are stronger than Elephants

Those who yearn for material gains pay a gruesome price for their yearnings

The tortoise doesnt embark on a journey it is not ready to finish

The day you chose this Path is the day You chose to stay awake while others sleep

You cannot eat your cake and still have it.

Things are not always the way they appear on the surface

The Guilty are usually the most Innocent but they have blood on their hands.

A Snail does not go anywhere without Its Shell.

Those who take other People’s life do not deserve to keep theirs.

Nobody has the right to take another Man’s life.

Nothing is hidden under the Sun. If the Wind does not reveal it then the Rains will or the Earth will throw it forth.

Evil has many heads but they will surely be plucked.

Those who hunger will surely get filled. The problem is they will be filled by what they hunger after.

No one challenges the lion in its den.

The child that says the Mother will not sleep, he too will not sleep.

The bird may fly the length and breadth of the sky but at night it will return to its nest.

No matter how high the Eagle soars it can never touch the Sky.

No man praises the Ocean for size.

The day a child insist on knowing what killed the father, that day the child begins a journey to the land of the dead.

It doesnt take an Elephant to be triumphant in Battle.

Do not be deceived by the frail nature of Amadioha’s wife or you will be consumed by the Volcano of the anger of her husband.

The dance steps of the gods are not for human beings to savor.

The stone that One sees never blinds his eyes.

If you fight justice you set yourself up for destruction.

The truth they say shall set you free.

No matter how high the Eagle soar It must come back to the Earth.

The Worm that eats the Vegetable is behind the Vegetable.

Sometimes our dreams and hopes are different from our ways and means.

That you are the Son of a Lion does not protect you from the claws of the Lion.

The horse treks a thousand miles on barefoot and still do not feel heat.

Revenge is sweet when served Cold.

As Kingdoms rise against Kingdoms, so shall brothers rise against brothers.

That the Lion is the King of the Jungle does not mean It cannot be cut down by the Hunters gun.

The smallness of the needle cannot be compared to the blood it draws when It is stepped on.

Those who choose the Path of Foolhardiness end up as Corpses.

A man is not said to be a hero by the many War tales He can tell but rather by the many Wars He has fought and won.

The mother Hen does not relent in hatching Eggs just because the Hawk took her Chicks last season.

There is no way you will fight a Lion without a scratch on your body.

You fight only what You know, You dont fight what You do not know.

Crimes and punishment are twins of the same Destiny.

No Captain abandons the ship before his Crew.

The strength of a broomstick is in its numbers.

A forest cannot disappear because One tree was cut down.

Necessity is the product of Society.

A clear conscience fears no accusation.

Tears and Water might look alike but It will not taste the same.

The private part of an Old man is not a play thing for a Crying Child.

The sheperd has been struck and the sheep must disperse.

The lion is ashamed when it sees its cub running away at the mere barking of a dog.

No matter how rough or smooth the ground is, it never stops the rain from raining.

Fear is the imagination we create in pir minds.

Strength is not physical but spiritual and with it You can destroy many things.

The River never flows Up the Mountain.

Season comes and goes but What One Knows He knows.

What One Knows can never kill him.

The Hyena cannot challenge the Tiger just because of its Body marks.

The Chameleon cannot leave the Forest because the Bush caught fire.

The Chicken does not refuse Corn thrown on its Path.

Water has no enemy for It is the Source of Life.

Whenever You point a finger three others will point back at You.

The dog never barks at its Owner.

Whatever the Son of the Lion knows he learnt from the Father.

Greed is a seed planted and nurtured by Ambition until It grows Up to become Power but You must know how to control it lest It destroys You.

The Chicken does not dare the Python.

No matter how tall the Iroko tree grows It can never touch the sky.

Even if the Mountain tumbles into the Sea, the Truth will remain the Truth.

The danger of creating a Monster is that One day it will turn against its Master.

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