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Almost 800,000 Ghanains SCAMMED by PACMINER other people lost over GH¢90,000

PACMINER is a an online task mining company which they give do you have their investors a daily income in exchange, which is based on the profits each of their machines that you have purchased generator and all that you need to do is just click on the start button to start your machine so that it was generate a daily income.

At first their way of withdrawal was very simple and easy this encourage a lot of people to invest a lot of money in it but later they were complaining that whenever they try to make a withdrawal it’s delays before that whenever you invite a friend to their app they give you $2 which is 30 Ghana cedis so whenever you invite a friend or someone into that you get that amount of money and to them $1 is 15 cedis.

In this Christmas festivities they just introduced a new machine which will gives their customers a huge sum of money by 5 days and is called “Xmas Bonus” General Fund 0 earned $50 per day for 5 consecutive days, with a total gain of $250General Fund 1 has a daily income of US$100 for 5 consecutive days, with a total income of US$500.General Fund 2 earns $200 daily for 5 consecutive days, totaling $1,500

Not knowing all this was a scam they were able to convince a lot of their investors to purchase in it, after 2 days they were not able to make a withdrawal that bring the whole scam issue and later they are website was not available and they take it down and when not able to contact the manager or the administrator who is called by unknown name “Cara”.

A confession was made by one of the administrators by saying: Good evening to all.

I hope we all have questions bothering our minds. As an admin of this group that, I have been through a lot today answering calls and replying to messages all in the name of calming hearts.

Personally, I had the belief in PACMINER so brought my family and friends on board and kept investing in this because we knew it was going to save us.

I was made an admin when I got 30+ members under me, that is, my level one members that I personality invited to the platform in addition to those who also joined through them.

At a point in time, PACMINER started getting famous in town and people joined and witnessed what others had been enjoying.

At some point in time, some of my friends were also appointed admins and were asked to create their groups and were taken out of this group.

As admins, we had our own group where our Supervisor Cara was always given us instructions on what to do.

It got to a point where we had to take the lead in everything because we were admins or should I say leaders which we happily did because we had no clue of anything fishy.

Just last week , some of us as admins were assigned to embark on getting an office in our area here by our Supervisor Cara. We did search but unfortunately, all the places we got were not her taste so we had to forget about the search.

I got another place and sent her pictures which she got interested and asked that I should get the price quote.

In all these, we had hopes. Just yesterday that we were introduced to an app for withdrawal.

Many of us quickly downloaded and started activating them.

Personally, I got my breakthrough in activating the withdrawal system around 1:30am .

By that time, I had received calls and messages countless times.

Hmmn! I don’t want to believe all these that are going on easily because I trusted PAC and invested a lot.

Right now, all I can say is that let us calm down.

As admins, we have experienced a lot, gone through a lot and one day, we shall have our own stories to tell about PACMINER.”

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