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Headmaster In Trouble After slapping A Female Student Allegedly Slaps A Female Student To God Half Blind

A second-year student at the Nkwatia Presby Senior High School allegedly left campus without an excuse, the Headmaster of Academics allegedly struck her, leaving her half blind.

Diana, The victim, is said to have been given permission to quit the school, but she explain to the Headmaster, he was unreceptive.

According to the Diana he forced her to kneel for a time, and when she told him she was sick, he allegedly suggested he would lase her to make her feel better.

She accidently seized his cane as he prepared to lathe her, which infuriated him and drove him to slap her hard in the face before beating her up.

The Nkwatia Presby Senior High School’s headmaster of academics is accused of slapping a second-year student after she allegedly left school without an exact, causing her to become partially blind.

The victim was seen on camera in a video and many photographs that were posted social media “According to reports, the student identified as Diana, actually had permission to leave campus but the headmaster refused to listen when she tried explaining to him,” 

The student had been forced to kneel for a considerable amount of time by the headmaster before to the assault. He got enraged and assaulted her after she claimed that she wasn’t feeling well.

Ghanaians are clamoring for the accused headmaster to be arrested, while others are begging with the GES to fire him.

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