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64yr-old man arrested for allegedly threatening Supreme Court judge

A 64-year-old retired quantity surveyor with the State Housing Corporation, Livingston Bosso, was last Friday, May 6, 2022, arrested for allegedly threatening a Justice of the Supreme Court.

About 4 plain-clothed men who were accompanied by a uniformed police officer on Friday picked Mr Bosso in a black Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle without any explanation to the suspect or his family.

A relative of the suspect told Citi News that his father was “arrested in a Rambo style and taken to the National Security’s blue gate facility without any explanations”.

He also said information available to the family indicates that, Mr. Bosso was arrested because he sent a text message to a Supreme Court Judge, who is his old-time friend, cautioning him and the bench to be circumspect in their judgments in order not to court the public’s disaffection for both the bench and the court.

 The lawyer for the suspect, Jerry John, told Citi News that Mr Bosso was on Monday morning “surreptitiously arraigned without informing the families or his lawyer. He was told to plead guilty to whatever charges read to him with a promise that the judge will immediately pardon and discharge him with an instruction to apologise to the Supreme Court judge”.

Mr Jerry John also said Mr Bosso told him that he was told by police prosecutor, Inspector Asiedu Brobbey not to let his family know he was being taken to court with the assurance that he would be discharged upon admitting guilt.

“As it stands, we have not seen the charge sheet, we do not know what Mr Bosso has been charged with and why he is being remanded,” Jerry John further told Citi News.

Mr Bosso was, however, remanded into police custody to reappear before the court on May 23, 2022.

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