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After carrying water try wine also Hon Esther Siaw

The aspiring assemblywoman for Kwahu Nteso electoral area in the Kwahu East District in the Eastern Region is appealing to her electorates to vote for her during this assembly elections coming on 19th December 2023.

As part of the assembly elections our reporter Opanyin Kwabena Gyamfi in our community watch have an exclusive interview with the aspiring assemblywoman “Hon Esther Siaw” enlighten as her plans for Kwahu Nteso electoral area.

Hon Esther Siaw enlighten us on his plans for Kwahu Nteso when been elected for the second term as assemblyman for the electoral area.

These are her plans for the electoral area

On health the honourable aspiring assemblywoman said new methods should be expected when been elected as assemblywoman for Kwahu Nteso electoral area furthermore renewing and getting new health insurance for those not having access will also benefit from her plans for Kwahu Nteso.

On sanitation the honourable aspiring assemblywoman said things has been putting in place for regular clean up exercise for a siren environment so that her Electorate will be staying at Nteso but not moving from the community.

On education honourable aspiring assemblywoman enlighten us on his plans for early childhood education how beneficial it will be for the electoral area and measures put in place in terms of education to boost the students performance in yearly examinations.

On women empowerment the honourable aspiring assemblywoman said measures has been putting in order for women in the electoral area such as skills training and others to reduce on employment rate and also reduce stress our beloved women are facing due to bad buying prices of their foodstuffs.

Hon Esther Siaw aspiring assemblywoman hopeful

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