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The Mad Man

People called him mad-man 

but I was surprised when he moved close to me,

 He said, “can I ask you a very important question?”

 I nodded, in acceptance, 

and then,

 he asked, “am I a mad man?”

The obvious answer, from a sane person, will be, “no”,

 and that was what I said.

 “Thank you!”, he replied; 

then he said,

 “just because I don’t spot things the way other people do, does that make me a mad man?” 

“No”, I answered again.

He bent down, wrote “W”,

  and asked me what he wrote. 

At this point, I was already feeling ashamed,

 getting involved in a lengthy conversation with him.

 In a hurry to leave, I said “w”,

 but I was amazed when he replied to my answer, 

“You only see ‘W’, 

because of the angle at which you are looking at it.

 If you turn upside down, you’ll see “M”; 

If u look from the right side, it is “3”, 

and looking at it from the left side, it is “E”. 

The fact that I don’t see things at the perspective that everyone is seeing it doesn’t make me a mad man, he said. Then he left.

I pondered for so long about this and its application to life.

Because We act, and relate to people, based on the perspective at which we are looking at their situation.

 Have you taken your time to look at other possible perspectives?

 I then decided that, 

before I get angry with, or take action, or judge  anyone that has done something unfavourable to me,

 I will sight it in at least three possible perspectives; own perspective, 

2.his own perspective and 

3.others perspective’.

So, before you judge your fellow humans, before you rage your anger on them, take a little time to sight their angle or perspective, and, if you still cannot see suitable reason, then you take a decision which is REASONABLY .

Credit To Emmanuel Philip Tumba

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