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We shall Vote Skirt and Blouse in 2024 if OPK is Reelected – NPP Mpraeso Constituency Warns Delegates

Constituents of Mpraeso constituency of the New Patriotic Party threatening to boycott general elections or vote skirts and blouse when delegates reelected Hon Davis Opoku Ansah as the Parliamentary candidate for Mpraeso constituency.

The constituents have identified these challenges they are facing when Hon Davis Opoku Ansah become a member of parliament for the Mpraeso constituency .

Bepong & Ntomem
Bepong Town Roads and Ntomem road was promised by the MP to complete in 2021, during the campaign durbar at Bepong in 2020 and Banana Factory or Warehouse has also abandoned in Bepong .

The residence of Besease are facing difficulties due to abandoned CHIP compound since 2019, and they travel to Nkawkaw Roman hospital for medical support and have threatening to vote skirt and blouse when reelected OPK as Parliamentary candidate.

Dobidi KG has been abandoned since 2019, at age 4years before our children can walk over 3miles to the nearest community [Asikamu]

[Asikamu] CHIP COMPOUND has closed since 2020, no nurse at the facility , we will not vote when reelected OPK.

[Fomanso] KG block has been abandoned since 2019, our MP is not ready to lobby for any developmental projects so don’t reelected him – the people of [Fomanso] warns delegates .

[Twenedruase] Social Centre has also been abandoned and the MP has a deaf ear to the community, we will not vote at all when the delegates reelected OPK.

The people of [Osubeng] claims on their market square which has abandoned since 2019. We will also vote skirt and blouse if they reelected OPK.

The people of Mpraeso claims on the delaying of progress on Brighting sports stadium and Community Library, also disrespect the dignitaries in the constituency ,party members and disunity among constituents and are warning delegates not to reelected Hon. Davis Opoku Ansah as the Parliamentary candidate for the Mpraeso constituency.

At [Atuobikrom], the community claims on their Bio Digester and Borehole project which has abandoned since 2019, we will vote skirt and blouse if you reelected OPK.

The people of [Adontengkrom], [Amartey], [Asuboni], [Okra – Agyei], [New Jerusalem], [Petiku] claims that, the MP for Mpraeso Constituency has not visited them since he won the MPship , the people warn the delegates not to reelected OPK again for delaying progress in the constituency.

We the constituents of Mpraeso are unhappy with the glaring ineffective of OPK and are equally concerned about his on-parliamentary conduct in Ghana generally in the Mpraeso constituency seen fighting in public and fighting with party elders and government officials including our respectable Vice president Alhaji Dr Mahamudu Bawumia.

Mpraeso deserves better

We can not achieve that with OPK

Delegates must change OPK if NPP is interested in consolidating votes in December general elections.

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